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audio, people, travelogues posted by on Nov 4th, 2009
Kaira Konko Scout Lodge. © Listen to Africa

Kaira Konko Scout Lodge. © Listen to Africa

Kumba is the housekeeper at Kaira Konko Scout Lodge in Soma, The Gambia, where we stayed for a few days. In this recording, Bex joins Kumba, Kadi and Fatimateh in the kitchen (well, by the fire in the courtyard) and chats about The Gambia, the UK, this and that while cooking the evening meal. We’re not sure who was interviewing who here, so we’re posting it under people and travelogues, and we apologise for the sound quality in parts of this recording.

We’ve mentioned before that we’ll sometimes post contact details for grassroots projects we come across in case anyone feels inspired to donate. The Kaira Konko Scout Lodge gives young boys and girls a haven where they can work, play, learn and get involved in scouting. The Hampshire-based Kaira Konko Scout Fellowship supports the Lodge with the aims of maintaining scouting and education, assisting the community of Soma and working to make the lodge self-supporting. Monthly donations go towards the education fund and one off donations can go towards supporting big projects.

Date and time recorded: 17:44 local time, 18th October 2009
Location: Soma, The Gambia (view on map)
Equipment: Beyer-Dynamic M58 via FEL MicBooster MB-1 to Fostex FR2LE
Copyright: Listen to Africa
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  1. Sounds of happy people, pots and pans, women cooking together, easy laughter, birds signing – what else could you want from life?

    Enjoy this unique chance everyday of your lives.


    Maria Helena

  2. Thank you for this audio! It took a bit of email work to get it but I am pleased with the sounds as I thought I would be!

    Years ago I helped cook in a Haitian woman’s humble back yard and the sounds were quite similar!

    Cooking and sharing thoughts are one of the keys to friendship wherever one goes in this world!

  3. Maria Helena, you have a wonderful way of summing things up. The longer we’re on the road, the easier it becomes to take this all for granted, so thank you for reminding us not to. xx

    Sue, heh, sorry about the email work and thanks for letting us know all our sounds were broken (we were very glad someone noticed…)! I’m glad you weren’t disappointed. Even as the world’s worst cook, I agree with you about cooking and sharing thoughts – some of our best conversations on this journey have happened around the stove or the fire. Anyway, cheers :)

  4. ive been there i have stayed there over the year a month in total its soo goodto be hearing their voices. kaddi,kumba i cannot hear bintou i have a feeling she is at college i and several friends have set up a fund for her to goto college what is the girls name with 5 kids she told us she wanted 20 and how is kumbas children wen did u get back ?

  5. How brilliant! We didn”t meet Bintou but everybody else seemed really well. It really was an amazing place – with our favourite people that we met in the Gambia. Please send our love to everyone from the cyclists-with-microphones next time you go!

  6. Just having a browse, over the Kairo Konko listings – what a great find to hear the girls at KK. We have sang their praises since 2005 when we first met them and the great team at KK – headed up by Lamin Kinteh. We are a local charity in Berkshire, who were looking to do some “Good Deeds” in The Gambia, a place very dear to our hearts, as we have visited there since the early 1990”s – a haven in the sun. After, the untimely death of our son in 2004 our goal was to build a classroom in his name – with that and many other projects achieved and behind us, we are still in partnership with KK and still visit every year to overveiw the latest developments – this year we intend to give, a wheelchair bond disabled lad, his indpendence back, his family had to move into his accomodation, as the family home collapsed – 1 guy – mum, 6 sisters into two rooms, is not a good solution for anybody – we are blessed and humbled to be able to help. Anybody passing through (once Gambia has caught your heart, I know you will return, so I”ll bet quite a few folks will be saying “Hi” from us the Chant Family) please send our love to the KK Team in Soma. A place of Hope.

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