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Geotag Icon Fantasia (and the power of women)

audio, people posted by on May 19th, 2009

A team of horsewomen at a tradional Fantasia festivalWe stumbled across this traditional display of horsemanship as we were pedalling from Rabat to Casablanca in northern Morocco. We weren’t too sure what it was all about until we met a Moroccan and French couple who explained it all to us – and a lot more besides…

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Recorded on: 10th May 2009
Location: Between Rabat and Casablanca, northern Morocco (view on map)
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  1. Amazing audio – the muskets actually made me jump out of my seat in the office. Hugely evocative.

  2. Thanks James – really glad you like it. Yep, the first musket nearly made me fall out of my saddle…

  3. This was very interesting and fun to listen to. What a perfect event to come across as the object is to make one sound of guns firing.

  4. Yep, we were very lucky to stumble across it. We’ve become a bit lax about stopping to record when we come across events recently – trying to get back into it! Thanks Aaron

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