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Geotag Icon Introducing… Bike Mic, in Rabat

audio, travelogues posted by on May 8th, 2009

Bike Mic is a small, tough microphone wedged between the handlebars and bar bag with a high tech device (a piece of foam). In this first Bike Mike recording (of many, I suspect), Huw describes our approach to Rabat, while Bex gets us lost.

Recorded on: 4th May 2009
Location: Rabat, Morocco
Copyright: Listen to Africa

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  1. Ha ha! Loving these ‘slice of cycling life’ clips! Nice to hear your voice for the first time as well, Huw. Have fun guys!

  2. Hi Huw & Bex,
    We were delighted to hear Huw’s commentary on the bike mike as you approached Rabat. It brought the whole experience to life. All sound recordings were excellent.
    Another reason for this comment is to wish Huw a Happy 42nd Birthday. We tried to phone but no joy.
    Love to you both.

  3. Thank you, all.

    Val and David, I’ll pass on your comment to Huw – I’m sure he’ll reply when he gets back here in a bit!

  4. Just listened to to this with my eyes closed while lying on the sofa after smoking a joint… I can tell you – it’s the best way to listen to this stuff!!! Marvelous! :-)

  5. Happy to serve :)

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