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Geotag Icon Soundscape: Morning at Tendaba

audio, soundscapes posted by on Dec 14th, 2009

We recorded this shortly before recording Life in the mangroves – and standing just a few metres away, in the wilderness near Tendaba by the River Gambia. Any help on identifying the species here would be very appreciated! Best listened to in stereo.

Date and time recorded: 07:52 local time, 16th October 2009
Location: Tendaba, The Gambia (view on map)
Equipment: Sennheiser MKH30/40 to Fostex FR2LE
Copyright: Listen to Africa
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  1. lovely sounds! pheasant coucals in far background but I don’t know the others. good luck with your travels and more sounds like these please!

  2. I wish I were just getting out of my little tent, hearing these sounds!

  3. Thanks both! And for the id, vicki. We should be posting lots more sounds over the next couple of days – about to go through our 20+ hrs of recordings from a wildlife reserve in Sierra Leone (Tiwai Island). Lots of primates, and hornbills!

  4. I was in Casamance, south of Gambia during Dec and Jan. This recording took me right back there! I could hear Turtle Doves, and a coucal in your recording. The thrush like songbird might be a Bulbul-but without seeing it it”s impossible to be sure.
    Loved the bee whizzing past! The ”chiurkchurr” sound is possibly a Wood Hoopoe… and the ”poo poo poo poop” bird is a Laughing Dove.
    Ah, the crickets!…I used to stand outside at dusk and listen to their symphonies. Wonderful.

  5. Brilliant info, thanks so much Angie!

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