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audio, wildlife posted by on Sep 10th, 2009

This is the first of several wildlife recordings we’ll be posting over the next few days from our two week stay with Alain and Alicia, at their camp (Le Thiossane, a wildlife paradise) next to a lagoon by Senegal’s Atlantic Coast. If you were near a cricket (or is it a cicada?) when it began chirruping, the noise was so loud it brought all conversation to a standstill.

Date and time recorded: 20:05 local time, 1st September 2009
Location: Near Mbodiene, Senegal (view on map)
Equipment: Audio-Technica AT897 via FEL MicBooster MB-1 to Fostex FR2LE
Copyright: Listen to Africa
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  1. Just listened to the sounds of rain hammering down then…dry warm summer night with the sounds of insects and crickets…I am really loving the things you are recording. Would you like some sounds from car infested, siren beating noisey london to post? Love Chris

  2. Not sure about the sirens, but the sound of a good, cosy, London pub would go down well, if you feel the inclination ;) Thanks Chris xx

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