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Geotag Icon Wildlife: Subdesert Toad

audio, wildlife posted by on Aug 13th, 2009

Bufo xerosWe’ve tentatively identified this toad as Bufo xeros, the Subdesert Toad. Our identification was visual and based on written descriptions of the toad’s call but, as always, we are happy to be corrected. These toads were numerous and very vocal through the night and in the early morning at Terjit Oasis in the Mauritanian Sahara.

Species: Bufo xeros
Common name: Subdesert Toad
Date and time recorded: 06:20 local time, 9th August 2009
Location: Terjit Oasis, Mauritania (view on map)
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  1. The toads sound funny. funny ha ha. I wouldn’t have known they were toads unless you’d said. more like a wierd bird.x

  2. Yep, I was very confused when I woke up to the sounds. (More confused than usual.) xx

  3. theo says this is exactly the sound of where he was staying in Maun, he was right by the river and could hear the toads all the time but never managed to find one.

  4. Oh brilliant! Hope he loved his time there xx

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