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Geotag Icon Gallery: Sierra Leone

Photographs posted by on Feb 9th, 2010

Cycling through sweet Sierra Leone via Freetown, Shenge, Kenema, Bo and Tiwai Island. Photography by Bex Sumner and Huw Williams,…

Geotag Icon Gallery: Guinea-Bissau and Guinea (Conakry)

Photographs posted by on Feb 6th, 2010

The journey through Guinea-Bissau and Guinea (Conakry). In this stretch, we travelled by bike, boat and, because of the unstable…

Geotag Icon Wildlife: Yellow-casqued Hornbill

audio, wildlife posted by on Jan 15th, 2010

This is the first of many recordings we made on the beautiful Tiwai Island, one of Sierra Leone’s largest inland…

Geotag Icon Soundscape: Chain ferry to Guinea

audio, soundscapes posted by on Dec 15th, 2009

We reached the river that demarcates the Guinea-Bissau / Guinea border between Pitche and Foula Mouri early, while wisps of…

Geotag Icon A walk on Orango (flip-flops vs sandals)

audio, soundscapes posted by on Dec 15th, 2009

In place of the sounds of the salt-water hippos we hoped to record on Guinea-Bissau’s Orango Island (but couldn’t afford…

Geotag Icon Wandy the bird watcher

audio, people posted by on Dec 15th, 2009

Wandy Toure is a bird watcher, guide and general legend at Tendaba Camp in The Gambia. Here, he tells us…

Geotag Icon Soundscape: Morning at Tendaba

audio, soundscapes posted by on Dec 14th, 2009

We recorded this shortly before recording Life in the mangroves – and standing just a few metres away, in the…

Geotag Icon Hoop and stick

audio, soundscapes posted by on Dec 14th, 2009

We were walking back from a bird watching tour with a local guide and another pair of touring cyclists near…

Geotag Icon Gallery: Faces of the Bijagos

Photographs posted by on Nov 20th, 2009

Black and white portraits taken during boat journeys around the Bijagos islands off Guinea-Bissau – including Orango and Bubaque islands….

Geotag Icon Soundscape: Island waves

audio, soundscapes posted by on Nov 13th, 2009

We recorded this at low tide on Orango island – a stunning and sparsely populated island of deserted beaches and…