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Blog posted by on Mar 4th, 2009

The nerves have gone; there’s only pure, slightly bewildering excitement now. So much so that I’ve been wide awake and working on the website since 3.30 am. Between the excitement, the insomnia, the caffeine and the to do lists still to be done, I’m not sure whether I’m coming or going. Going, I think.

Yesterday, we finally got around to working on the bikes (lovely Dawes Sardars). They’re starting to look like the kinds of vehicles that might just carry us 24,000 kilometres. More like science fiction contraptions than bicycles really, with bottles and bags and spares strapped onto every spare surface.

I also named my bike: Frank The Third. (All my bikes have been called Frank – a long story involving Freewheelin Franklin, Frank Black and The Frank & Walters.)

Today, we’ll find out whether all the kit we want to take will fit on the bikes. Wish us luck, for the sake of the people who come within sniffing distance of us when we’re on the road; if it doesn’t all fit, clothes will be sacrificed first.

And tomorrow morning, we pedal off towards Bognor, for our first taste of the exotic:

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More tomorrow. Eek.

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  1. Ah – the Frank and Walters! Any plans for a podcast feed for your audio content?

  2. Hi Bex and Huw,
    It’s Ben the carpet cleaner!

    Wishing you both a safe trip to and through Africa. We will be keeping an eye on your journey.
    Good luck,
    Ben and Sam Daniels

  3. see you tomorrow! xx

  4. Hey Bex,
    Have a fantastic time. Visit my Dad if you stop in Accra, Ghana. I will send you his details. He will put you up and get you horribly horribly

  5. drunk!! Take care
    Love Elainexx

  6. Becca and Huw,
    Have a great, safe trip to through Africa and good luck with everything in Namibia!!
    Love from Val and Bob Blake

  7. oh wow, your ferry will be passing right over the oyster beds i’m looking at :-) maybe i can wave goodbye if i see your bikes on a the ferry, should be hard to miss! all the best and I’m really looking forward to all the stories! xxLisa

  8. Thanks Lisa, if you did wave I missed you. Would have been tucked up in bed as we passed over your oyster beds! Hope all is well Huw x

  9. Thanks Ben and Sam, great meeting you and hope you find the blogs interesting. The carpets look great, by the way! Huw

  10. Finally back in (very patchy) internet contact.

    Jamie: There will definitely be a podcast feed for the audio. As sound recording proper will only start in Africa (April-ish), we’re not setting it up ’til then but will let you know on the blog when we do. Thanks for the sweets, by the way – got us up our first undulations today!

    Elaine: Brilliant. We’ll definitely be going to Accra so will look out for your email. Thanks! (And to your Dad – does he know what you’ve let him in for?!).

    Val and Bob: Thank you! It’s actually great to be on the road again (apart from the cycling uphill bit…). Lots of love to you both.

  11. Thanks so much for chaperoning us to Portsmouth, Daf (and Chris) – we loved it! xx

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