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Blog posted by on Apr 26th, 2009
France in numbers: 1000 kms on the clock

France in numbers: 1000 kms on the clock. © Listen to Africa

This is Bex’s attempt to get me to write a blog. The idea came a few weeks ago when she realised that I am forever counting things, making lists and totting things up. So here’s a summary of my list keeping so far:

1402: The distance cycled so far (kilometres).
53: Average daily distance cycled – on cycling days (kilometres).
39: Average daily distance cycled – including rest days (but excluding our holiday with friends).
35: Number of onions consumed.
31: Squashed hedgehogs seen en route.
26: Days of cycling.
24: Days off (including our holiday).
15: Kilograms of weight lost (combined).
14: Lizards, squashed.
7: Kilograms of pasta consumed.
5: Meals eaten out.
4: Litres of fuel used in the stove (ie 1,970 miles per gallon or 700km per litre per bike. Not bad for two old jalopies).
4: Kilograms of rice consumed.
4: Meals cooked in hotel rooms (with the TV turned up loud to drown out the noise of the stove).
4: Days with strong tailwinds.
3: Days with strong headwinds.
3: Punctures (Huw).
2: Injuries (one knee-related, one baguette-related).
1: Deer, freshly squashed.

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  1. Mum says you got the habit of making lists from your maternal grandfather. We never thought you could turn it into an art form – well done! What an interesting and revealing set of data. We are left wondering whether you ate the road kill to eke out your rations and whether you will be adding impala or elephants to your record as you progress through Africa. Seriously, though, keep making your notes, they make fascinating reading.

  2. A baguette-related injury? should we ask?

  3. Scratches! On the calf! Tsk.. :-)

  4. If list keeping is hereditary there is nothing I can do about it. The turning it into an art form I must get from you. So I’ll keep writing my lists and post more in the future. Love Huw.

  5. Enjoyed your blog Huw! Keep it up!
    Bon Voyage tomorrow. Next stop Africa
    Love from Sue

  6. I see the weight loss is ‘combined’ – so you stand on the scales together? That’s sweet :P

  7. Thank’s Sue, I’ll do my best to keep your wayward daughter out of trouble and safe. Love Huw.

  8. Harry- We haven’t yet found scales that would cope. Luckily there is plenty of room on a weighbridge!


  9. Bex – OK so you still need to explain how on earth a baguette managed to scratch you on the leg!!??

    Huw – that’s one hell of a list :-) Will be interesting to see how a similar list complied in Africa compares! :-)

    I wonder what kind of squashed things you will pass by and if Bex will score more punctures than you. :-)

  10. Lisa – I’m still keeping the lists and the squashed things are changing so watch this space. Bex still hasn’t had a puncture but it’s only a matter of time. I’ll let Bex explain about her baguette injury.

  11. @Mike and Lisa. The thing is, the easiest way to carry a baguette on a bicycle is to bungee it across the back. And the easiest way to get on a bike is to swing your leg over the back. If leg meets baguette enough times in the same place you get a nasty cut (I still have a scar to prove it). :-)

    I’m not even going to mention the injury involving Huw’s tripod…


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