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Blog posted by on Oct 7th, 2009

Guardian travel blog of the monthIt looks like a few of you spotted this before we managed to get online to shamelessly self-promote but, for everyone else, Guardian Travel has chosen us as their Blog of the Month!

We’re a bit astonished (to put it mildly), and chuffed to bits. I won’t write anything else about it, because everything I try makes me sound like Gwyneth Paltrow. I do though just want to say thank you to The Guardian and hello and welcome to any new folks who’ve found the website because of this – we hope you’ll come along for the ride for the next 18 months (or however long it takes…). You can catch up on the journey so far or read about the expedition if you’d like to get up to speed, sign up to our podcast or newsletter and, obviously, feel free to say hello in the comments.

Right, that’s enough from us. Here’s what The Guardian wrote:

Sometimes a blog is special because its single-story appeal. Especially when the story is of two Brits’ two-year journey from the UK to the southern tip of South Africa. By bicycle.

Listen to Africa is brilliant project of Rebecca Sumner and Huw Williams, who set off from West Sussex armed with a giddying array of gadgets back in March, and having cycled through France arrived in Africa by early May. As they’ve got their teeth (and thighs) into the 24,000km journey they are continually updating their site with a multimedia splurge. This, you see, is a thoroughly modern expedition.

Read the full story over at The Guardian. Or wait for normal service to resume here shortly.

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  1. well done! you guys deserve all the best promotion, your blog is really cool.

    I love the baobabs, and looking forward read and listen to more of your adventures.

    take care et bonne route!


  2. The Guardian is absolutely correct. The Blog of the Month was the honest recognition of the spetacular work you are both developing over the past months and the months to come. Congratulations!

    Maria Helena

  3. Congratulations!
    A deserved award in my humble opinion!
    Keep up the good work.

  4. YIPPEEEEEE WELL DONE – of course it’s the best blog, and how wise of them to have recognized that.
    hope you get lots of new followers who will also be hooked on your stories, photos and especially the sounds of africa

    happy cycling


  5. Congratulations! That was well deserved!

  6. Thanks all!

  7. I am Sue’s very old friend from Brasil, I expect you remember. I am SO impressed at what you are doing. Sue must be very proud of you!!

  8. Aw thank you Sylvia (and of course I remember)! Hope you’re well!

  9. Congratulations! It”s okay to share this with your readers so we know that your efforts paid off and recognized.

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