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Blog posted by on Dec 4th, 2009
We're planning to use these more. © Listen to Africa

We're planning to use these more. © Listen to Africa

Over the past nine months, we’ve travelled through some spectacular lands and feel privileged to have seen and heard what we have. We’ve also slowly come to realise that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things we want to do. We’ve spent considerably more time in front of computers than either of us envisaged (for example, the only serious injury I’ve sustained is RSI in my mouse hand…). So we’ve decided to change our working practices.

We’re going to spend more time:
1. Cycling
2. Recording what we hear
3. Photographing what we see
4. Doing nothing
5. Enjoying life

We’re going to spend less time:
1. On computers
2. Meeting self-imposed deadlines
3. Holed up in grubby hotel rooms in cities
4. On the internet
5. Feeling stressed

So what’s going to change on the web site?
1. Less frequent blogs
2. More creative content
3. More soundscapes and wildlife recordings
4. More pictures of Bex and Huw smiling (maybe)
5. More stunning multimedia (but you may have to wait for that)!

Only time will tell what the actual changes will be. What I can tell you is that, for at least the next few weeks, there probably won’t be many Twitter updates / microblogs (Bex has been pulling her hair out trying to register our Sierra Leonean phone on Twitter; I don’t really understand the problem as I don’t talk Twitterspeak but it seems to me if you haven’t got a European/US/developed world SIM card, you can’t do Twitter by SMS anymore – doesn’t seem very fair…).

Anyway, we’re now cycling off to Tiwai Island, so you’ll have to wait a week or two for a blog. We are going to do lots of the first list and none of the second list and we’ll see how the third list pans out.

Goodbye for now – I’m off to enjoy myself!

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  1. A very brave but also, I believe, just decision. Jedrzej hates me for spending so much time online during this trip yet I don’t even achieve 10% of what I would like to blog-wise…
    Have a fabulous time, enjoy the freedom and come back to us with even more fantastic stories and media! :-)

  2. We think you have both made a sensible and wise decision in returning to your original intentions. It’s nice to get frequent postings, but we appreciate that it is far better for you to experience more of the countryside around you – even if this means moving away from Internet access points! We will all have to be patient and wait for your new endeavours to yield the rich results we feel sure will eventually flow from them. Interesting blog and mum is looking forward to more bike-mikes, but all in good time. So relax and enjoy yourselves and keep safe.

  3. Hey guys,

    Great, honest post – made us smile :-) I think you both post so much great content !!……..we have discussed the same thing you mention here…….even before we have started I think we have enough Blog “Bling”….. our site is now as connected as we want it to be and got to thinking that we wont have much time to keep it all as current as we would like – we struggled with a paper based system / log book on our shakedown trip!!!!…..I think you have achieved a LOT with the trip so far!!! Enjoy the new regime :-)

    Keep them wheels turning and safe travels.

    Nick & Vicks

  4. Huw i love your lists, and these three lists are great, glad to hear them.

    we love hearing your updates, the quality is so good, you can easily cut down on the quantity.

    as a fellow list maker, i know how much these things help to clarify a situation.

    looking forward to fewer blogs, radical recordings and fantastic photos, and lots of smiling.

    lots of love from London, where the silly season is just starting, so much saner to be on a bikes in africa


  5. Spending too much time in front of a computer is something that anyone can do anywhere in the world, sounds like a good resolution to me. Looking forward to not hearing from you (on the condition you really are enjoying yourselves). Loads of love and merry xmas, nxx

    PS After a new engine and fuel tank and alternator and starter motor and exhaust system and some welding and a bit of a re-spray and new brakes and wheel bearings and fuel pipes and some other stuff I’m back on the road with the Cheese. Woo hoo for travelling adventures. Oh yes and Carpet says woof.

  6. I’m just beginning my journey with you all – please keep recording sounds as the world seems to have too many pictures anyway! Imagination soars when one is sitting listening with eyes closed as I do when I listen to your short audios of the real world which seems to be disappearing all to fast for our short lifetimes!!
    I’ll stay tuned in – love, sue

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