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Blog posted by on Apr 9th, 2009

As we’re staying with friends in their Midi-Pyrénées farmhouse for a week or two (it’s a wonderful spot – I’ll write more about it soon), we’ve had the chance to work on the website a bit. We’ve added an automatic translator (the flags on the left) which has all sorts of comedy potential but might be useful to some, fixed up the home page and the map a bit, and put up our first galleries of the trip.

There’s one gallery of France and another of homes for the night, where we’ll be documenting every place we camp / stay from now on. Thanks for the suggestion – any other suggestions for themed galleries are welcome!

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  1. so nice to see more photos, i like the homes for the night theme, thats gonna be interesting over the next few years
    Happy Easter

  2. Happy Easter from family and friends in Burton Joyce.

    You asked for suggestions re the website; here is one which, to my non-technical mind, may be impractical. Would it be possible to put tags on the gallery photographs – say, people, birds, insects, or any other tag that reflects the diverse interests of the expedition. I guess that by the end of your very long journey you will have amassed quite a library of pictures and it would be nice to have a tool that could home in on specifics.

    Take care!

  3. Thanks both!

    David – yep, at the moment we are tagging each picture with the gallery tool we’re using (NextGEN gallery) as we upload them, but we’re not yet doing anything with the tags.

    I haven’t looked into it much yet but as far as I know (and if anyone knows otherwise, I’d love to hear) NextGEN only uses these tags so you can pull related pictures into each blog post (which we’re not doing). But we’re still tagging them in the vague hope that we’ll be able to hack something together along the lines you suggest at some point in the future. So thanks for the suggestion – it’s good to have feedback that this would be useful! Once we have a decent sized library of pictures up, I’ll look into doing something like this – either with NextGEN or another tool.

    All the best and I hope you all had a lovely Easter in Burton Joyce!

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