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An upside to being back in the…

Microblog posted by on Feb 2nd, 2010

An upside to being back in the UK: books. Lots of them. In English. Any recommendations before we go soundscape/nature sound book shopping?

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  1. A book related, in a a surprising way, is Radio Drama by Tim Crooks (though has to be bought online). Inspiring and achievable writing about the power of sound and soundscapes.
    Well, that’s as I remember it from a library a few years back – it’s £22 new and hard to find otherwise.
    And good to hear Huw is well – speaking as someone who knows you solely through the podcast!

  2. Thanks Connor, I’ve found Radio Drama on Amazon and it looks fascinating – I think the very battered credit card is going to have to come out again! And thanks for your kind comments about Huw – yep, it’s a huge relief.

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