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Geotag Icon Gallery: Cycling across the Sahara

Photographs posted by on Aug 24th, 2009

A few of our favourite photographs from our ten weeks in the Sahara – cycling the Atlantic route from Guelmim in Morocco to Nouakchott in Mauritania. Photographs by Huw Williams and Bex Sumner.

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  1. great photos guys hope your riding still goes smoothly

  2. I really like your first picture. Oh, and the makeshift shelter is simply brilliant! We might adopt your technique ;-)
    Why are they so many shipwrecks in Mauritania???

  3. Awesome gallery! Loved seeing the bikes at the Tropic of Cancer! ;-) Shipwreck looked unreal.

  4. Thanks folks.

    Isabel, been meaning to tell you: for any future cyclists coming your way, there are water points every 20kms or so (usually much less) on the Nouakchott-Rosso road. Hope all’s well at the auberge!

    Lisa, yep, I quite liked seeing the bikes at the Tropic of Cancer too :-)

    Marlène: they’re insurance jobs!

  5. great gallery huw and bex!

  6. This is a great journey and a really interesting website. You’ve got a new subscriber :)

  7. Thanks Daf, and thanks Tom :)

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