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Photographs posted by on Apr 8th, 2009

Photographs from the start of the expedition (March and April 2009) as we pedalled down through Brittany, the Atlantic coast, Aquitaine and the Midi-Pyrenees in France. Photographs by Huw and Bex.

(New photos added on 25th April 2009.)

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  1. Wow! Simply stunning pictures that tell a wonderful story… I’m actually feeling quite emotional having watched the slideshow – I can feel the excitment building up as you guys have made progress through France and am cheering you on from my sofa!! :-) LOVED seeing 1000 k on the clock and the look on Huw’s face.

    You guys are truly incredible! |I am so excited about watching the next phase of your trip.

    lovely lovely lovely pics – you are excellent photographers!!! Keep it up!

    L. xx

  2. Aw, thanks! It’s taken a bit of time to get into making sure we stop to take photographs instead of just pedalling through, but we’re getting there. Next project is to start putting together the odd audio/photo slideshow – can’t wait to play around with that!


  3. Wow – the Midi-Pyrenees looks absolutely gorgeous. Might be my next summer holiday…!

  4. Jamie – I would recommend the Midi-Pyrenees lots to see and do, or you could just sit in the sun and watch the world go by. Hope you are well. Best wishes Huw

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