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Gallery: Homes for the night

Photographs posted by on Apr 8th, 2009

Photographs of some of the places we stay during the journey (the idea arose from a comment – thanks Daf!). Photographs by Huw and Bex. Last updated: 16th January 2010.

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  1. i’m waiting to see some african homes for the night x

  2. Ug, this is on our to do list every time we get internet, but it’s still not done. Next time, I promise :)

    (You’ll have an email and pix winging their way to you tomorrow morning by the way.) xx

  3. Antonio has just returned from hospital where he (and I, as his company) stayed from 22nd December until today) and I rushed to see my E-mails and catch up with your news. My laptop did not work properly at the hospital, but I think you haven´t writen for a while, am I right? Anyway I just loved the photos gallery, but don´t have the time to comment on all of them (lucky you !!!) Camping by the barn (delicious to see), very odd seeing you peacefully taking a nap/”recovering” exactly under the sign “Danger de Mort”!!! The larger the construction (such as the Petrol Station and the Mosque), the more petite seems the tent and amazing to see how you both – very special people – manage to rest after all the cycling. Love to you both.

    Maria Helena

  4. I just picked up your site by chance via a google mail about Montpon in France – but want to congratulate you on how wonderfully it is put together with such lovely images and gentle (sustainable) approach to great adventure. I do hope that the illness is soon vanquished. You are clearly people who will do splendid things in any country. I wish you well.

  5. Maria Helena, I”m sorry, somehow I missed this comment when you first wrote it. I”m so sorry Antonio was in hospital for so long (and over Christmas / New Year”s too) – grande abrazos to you both. xx

    victoria – thank you hugely for a lovely comment. Illness is vanquished (but the aftereffects / weakness will take some time to go). Anyway, thank you!

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