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Geotag Icon The journey so far

Blog posted by on Jun 30th, 2009

As we’ve now had visitors from over 100 countries and as quite a few of you have only recently started visiting the site, I thought now would be a good time to say hello, welcome, and we hope you enjoy following our journey over the next couple of years.

Geotag Icon Thoughts from Sidi Ifni: tourism, climate change and roadside encounters

Blog posted by on Jun 7th, 2009

We’re now in a small town overlooking the sea at the edge of the desert where the electric lights flicker and goat meat sizzling on charcoal sends drifts of smoke across the streets at night.

Geotag Icon Common Bulbul

audio, wildlife posted by on Jun 2nd, 2009

This has been our daily alarm call here in Agadir. This individual sits in the palm tree straight opposite our balcony and sings away until just after dawn, when other ambient noises increase. It only starts again in the evening, and then only briefly. We got a decent visual identification and we’re almost certain it’s a Common Bulbul; our slight doubts arise because this individual sounds quite different to the other Common Bulbuls we’ve heard here.

Species: Pycnonotus barbatus
Common name (English): Common Bulbul
Date and time recorded: 05:10 local time, 28th May 2009
Location: Apartment balcony, Agadir, Morocco (view on map)
Copyright: Listen to Africa

Geotag Icon Cycling through a changing country

Blog posted by on May 27th, 2009

A cliff-top tree near the surfer hideaway of Immessouane, Morocco. © Listen to Africa

I’m writing this on the balcony of a small apartment in Agadir, southern Morocco. I have geraniums around me and palm trees in front of me and, just inside, there’s a cool, breezy apartment – with a bath! And a fridge!