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Geotag Icon Soundscape: Chain ferry to Guinea

audio, soundscapes posted by on Dec 15th, 2009

The ferry to Guinea

We reached the river that demarcates the Guinea-Bissau / Guinea border between Pitche and Foula Mouri early, while wisps of mist still hung over the river. The chain ferry tilted in the water at the near bank, attached to a chain stretching between the two banks. In this recording, you can hear the clunking of chains and the chatter as passengers hauled the ferry across the river. As our equipment was buried deep in the Land Rover (we took a lift across Guinea for security reasons), this was recorded on Atlantic Rising‘s kit, while they were doing real work (thanks folks!). You can read more about this journey in the blog.

Date and time recorded: 09:23 local time, 15th November 2009
Location: Between Pitche …

Geotag Icon Guinea: a dash through a dashing country

Blog posted by on Nov 22nd, 2009

From Guinea-Bissau’s Bijagos islands to Freetown, Sierra Leone: a dash through Guinea’s beautiful landscapes and unstable political climate – by Land Rover.

Geotag Icon Gallery: Faces of the Bijagos

Photographs posted by on Nov 20th, 2009

Black and white portraits taken during boat journeys around the Bijagos islands off Guinea-Bissau – including Orango and Bubaque islands. Photographs by Huw Williams, November 2009.

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Geotag Icon Soundscape: The pirogue to Orango

audio, soundscapes posted by on Nov 13th, 2009

Loading the pirogueLast week, we left our bikes in Bissau and set off by boat to a couple of islands in the Bijagos archipelago – a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve – with Lynn, Tim and Will of Atlantic Rising. The weekly boat between Bubaque and the sparsely populated island of Orango was a wooden pirogue, which we shared with around 50 people, a dozen or so chickens, several pigs, a few goats and – on the return journey – six cows. We made this recording while the boat was still being loaded, before the bottles of palm wine and sugar cane alcohol had been cracked open for the five hour ride.

Date and time recorded: 12:30 local time, 7th November 2009
Location: Bubaque, Bijagos archipelago, Guinea-Bissau (view …

Geotag Icon Soundscape: A short trip by pirogue

audio, soundscapes posted by on Sep 14th, 2009

Punting the piroguePirogues are small, wooden fishing boats common in this part of Africa. We took this pirogue from Fadhiout in Senegal to visit the nearby Ile aux Coquillages, or Island of Shells. As you’ll hear, this pirogue was punted by a wooden pole, although some pirogues are propelled by outboard motors, paddles or sails. The flat-bottomed pirogues are designed to be able to navigate shallow areas like these wetlands; you should also be able to hear the moving sand on the sea bed. Around us, groups of men fished with nets and older women waded through the water, feeling for oysters with their feet.

Date and time recorded: 13:04 local time, 2nd September 2009
Location: Near L’Ile aux Coquillages, Senegal (view on map)
Equipment: Audio-Technica AT897 via FEL …

Geotag Icon Gallery: the slow boat to Africa

Photographs posted by on May 7th, 2009

Photographs from the 36-hour ferry journey that took us from Sète in France to Tangier in Morocco (April 2009). Photographs by Huw and Bex.

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