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Geotag Icon Cooking with Kumba

audio, people, travelogues posted by on Nov 4th, 2009

Kaira Konko Scout Lodge. © Listen to Africa

Kumba is the housekeeper at Kaira Konko Scout Lodge in Soma, The Gambia, where we stayed for a few days. In this recording, Bex joins Kumba, Kadi and Fatimateh in the kitchen (well, by the fire in the courtyard) and chats about The Gambia, the UK, this and that while cooking the evening meal. We’re not sure who was interviewing who here, so we’re posting it under people and travelogues, and we apologise for the sound quality in parts of this recording.

We’ve mentioned before that we’ll sometimes post contact details for grassroots projects we come across in case anyone feels inspired to donate. The Kaira Konko Scout Lodge gives young boys and girls a haven where they …

Geotag Icon Into Guinea-Bissau: drug barons, dogs’ heads and difficult decisions

Blog posted by on Nov 3rd, 2009

Our best border crossing yet; an evening with a missionary; thunderstorms and drug barons; and a close encounter with a steamed dog’s head.

Geotag Icon Senegal, in numbers

Blog posted by on Oct 27th, 2009

Another one for our in numbers series: how lazy and how greedy we were in Senegal (the short answer is “very”).

Geotag Icon Musings from Mauritania (Nouakchott to Rosso)

Blog posted by on Aug 25th, 2009

Leaving Mauritania – with more questions than answers. An update on our last few days in Mauritania as we cycled from its capital to the Senegalese border.

Geotag Icon Mauritania, in numbers

Blog posted by on Aug 24th, 2009

The fourth in our “in numbers” series: how many hours we spent chasing silent donkeys, the number of cars that hit us and other vital statistics from our time in Mauritania.

Geotag Icon Western Sahara, in numbers

Blog posted by on Aug 24th, 2009

Belatedly, here’s the third in our “in numbers” series: what we ate, where we slept, how much (or little) we cycled and how many squashed lizards we saw in Western Sahara.

Geotag Icon Morocco, in numbers

Blog posted by on Jun 26th, 2009

The second of our “in numbers” series – what we’ve eaten, where we’ve slept, how much (or little) we’ve cycled and how many squashed hedgehogs we’ve seen.

Geotag Icon The merry nutcrackers

audio, people posted by on Jun 22nd, 2009

The argan nutOn the way from Sidi Ifni to Guelmim in southern Morocco, we cycled past a women’s cooperative extracting oil from argan nuts. We went in to meet the women, get laughed at and repeatedly bash our fingers with a heavy rock. You can read (and watch a slideshow) about the cultural, environmental and economic importance of argan in Huw’s Spotlight: all about argan.

Recorded on: 18th June 2009, 14:00 local time.
Location: Between Sidi Ifni and Guelmim, southern Morocco (view on map)
Copyright: Listen to Africa

Geotag Icon Spotlight: all about argan

Blog posted by on Jun 22nd, 2009

The first in a series of “spotlights” on people, projects and ideas that we find inspiring. This one’s on the argan tree, the women’s cooperatives who extract oil from it, and the tree’s importance in preventing desertification.

Geotag Icon Recipe: Moroccan tajine

Blog posted by on Jun 1st, 2009

Eel tajine with green peppers, tomatoes and lemonOn our first night in Immessouane, we noticed Nawal cooking up a delicious tajine – the staple Moroccan dish – in the hostel’s communal kitchen. On our second night, we asked if we could record her as she cooked. We thought we’d post the result here in case anyone wanted to try out the recipe.