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Geotag Icon Choosing sound recording equipment for the expedition – six months on

Blog posted by on Sep 21st, 2009

After six months on the road, our audio equipment is holding up well. Huw looks at how the kit has performed so far, and why we’ve made some recent additions to our equipment.

Geotag Icon Touring kit: what’s in and what’s out for 2009

Blog posted by on Apr 18th, 2009

A rainbow outside Phil and Laurence's place, Salvagnac, France

Time to hit the road again. After two wonderful weeks at Phil and Laurence’s place, we’re about to set off towards the Canal du Midi (with Phil escorting us for the first 15kms to make sure we really leave).

As you might have gathered, leaving the UK was chaotic. In the mayhem, we threw half of the kit we thought we might need into our panniers and the other half into a box, which we sent out to Phil and Laurence’s. As well as generally enjoying life over the past fortnight, we’ve also had a chance to sort through everything, get rid of some extra weight and make sure we have everything we need for crossing the Sahara:

Geotag Icon On the road again!

Blog posted by on Mar 5th, 2009

The good news: our kit does fit on the bikes, just. The bad news: there’s another 24 kilos of it waiting for us in the south of France…

As soon as I’ve written this and we’ve packed the laptop, we’ll be dragging our bikes out of the front door. First stop, Worthing, to meet two friends who have come down to carry our panniers see us off at Portsmouth. We’ll be Twittering throughout the day (and the trip) by text message if you want to follow us. And thanks for all the comments yesterday – we’ll reply next time we have a chance.

Today, Bognor. Tomorrow, the world!

Geotag Icon And we’re off (nearly)

Blog posted by on Mar 4th, 2009

The nerves have gone; there’s only pure, slightly bewildering excitement now. So much so that I’ve been wide awake and working on the website since 3.30 am. Between the excitement, the insomnia, the caffeine and the to do lists still to be done, I’m not sure whether I’m coming or going. Going, I think.

Yesterday, we finally got around to working on the bikes (lovely Dawes Sardars). They’re starting to look like the kinds of vehicles that might just carry us 24,000 kilometres. More like science fiction contraptions than bicycles really, with bottles and bags and spares strapped onto every spare surface.