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Geotag Icon Musings from Mauritania (Nouakchott to Rosso)

Blog posted by on Aug 25th, 2009

Leaving Mauritania – with more questions than answers. An update on our last few days in Mauritania as we cycled from its capital to the Senegalese border.

Geotag Icon Mauritania, in numbers

Blog posted by on Aug 24th, 2009

The fourth in our “in numbers” series: how many hours we spent chasing silent donkeys, the number of cars that hit us and other vital statistics from our time in Mauritania.

Geotag Icon France, in numbers

Blog posted by on Apr 26th, 2009

France in numbers: 1000 kms on the clock

This is Bex’s attempt to get me to write a blog. The idea came a few weeks ago when she realised that I am forever counting things, making lists and totting things up. So here’s a summary of my list keeping so far:

1402: The distance cycled so far (kilometres).
53: Average daily distance cycled – on cycling days (kilometres).
39: Average daily distance cycled – including rest days (but excluding our holiday with friends).
35: Number of onions consumed.
31: Squashed hedgehogs seen en route.