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Geotag Icon Pains, trains and automobiles (travels in the heart of the Sahara)

Blog posted by on Aug 6th, 2009

An overnight train journey across the Sahara in an iron ore wagon, a failed attempt at cycling through the desert, paralysing heat and black eyes, and the kindness of a Mauritania we’re just starting to get to know.

Geotag Icon Waiting for happiness in Nouadhibou

Blog posted by on Jul 31st, 2009

Two weeks in Nouadhibou: lazing, learning and meeting some of this town’s community of exiles and would be emigrants. And cooking camel blognaise.

Geotag Icon “The world’s longest train”

audio, soundscapes posted by on Jul 27th, 2009

The iron ore trainMauritania’s 2.5 kilometre long iron ore train is usually described as the world’s longest train. We recorded this – our first attempt to record in stereo – by the train tracks in the outskirts of Nouadhibou on a very windy day, and getting very strange looks from the women walking past to collect their water.

Recorded on: 24th July 2009, 15:30 local time.
Location: Nouadhibou, Mauritania (view on map)
Copyright: Listen to Africa
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