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Geotag Icon Huw’s health, and an unexpected homecoming

Blog posted by on Jan 25th, 2010

A quick summary of our last two months – from getting engaged to getting Blackwater Fever and getting evacuated by air ambulance. Twice.

Geotag Icon The journey so far

Blog posted by on Jun 30th, 2009

As we’ve now had visitors from over 100 countries and as quite a few of you have only recently started visiting the site, I thought now would be a good time to say hello, welcome, and we hope you enjoy following our journey over the next couple of years.

Geotag Icon On the road again!

Blog posted by on Mar 5th, 2009

The good news: our kit does fit on the bikes, just. The bad news: there’s another 24 kilos of it waiting for us in the south of France…

As soon as I’ve written this and we’ve packed the laptop, we’ll be dragging our bikes out of the front door. First stop, Worthing, to meet two friends who have come down to carry our panniers see us off at Portsmouth. We’ll be Twittering throughout the day (and the trip) by text message if you want to follow us. And thanks for all the comments yesterday – we’ll reply next time we have a chance.

Today, Bognor. Tomorrow, the world!

Geotag Icon And we’re off (nearly)

Blog posted by on Mar 4th, 2009

The nerves have gone; there’s only pure, slightly bewildering excitement now. So much so that I’ve been wide awake and working on the website since 3.30 am. Between the excitement, the insomnia, the caffeine and the to do lists still to be done, I’m not sure whether I’m coming or going. Going, I think.

Yesterday, we finally got around to working on the bikes (lovely Dawes Sardars). They’re starting to look like the kinds of vehicles that might just carry us 24,000 kilometres. More like science fiction contraptions than bicycles really, with bottles and bags and spares strapped onto every spare surface.

Geotag Icon Keeping in touch with Listen to Africa

Blog posted by on Feb 27th, 2009

It’s been a bit quiet on the website of late, but we’ve been working on a few bits and bobs behind the scenes – especially ways for you to keep in touch with the expedition and with us.

First off, we’ve set up a newsletter so we can email you with occasional (and I do mean occasional) updates from the road. You can subscribe here.

If you’re really keen (mum), you can also sign up to get an email every time we post a new blog on the website.

Geotag Icon One week to go and feeling the fear

Blog posted by on Feb 25th, 2009

Sheer chaos. Every hour or two, the doorbell rings with someone delivering spare tyres, USB sticks, microphone leads, a new passport, rechargeable batteries, books about Africa. In between answering the door, tax returns are being filled out, dentist appointments met (three this week…), insurance bought, farewell lunches organised and tea chests packed.

Meanwhile, our untouched bikes are sitting quietly in the corner, looking all shiny and new. And ominous. Yep, with one week to go before we set off, a terrible realisation is starting to dawn on me: “cycling across Africa” actually means doing a bit of cycling.

Geotag Icon Choosing sound recording equipment for the expedition

Blog posted by on Feb 19th, 2009

The Listen to Africa expedition sound equipment. © Listen to Africa

Update: For the latest on the audio equipment, including a six month review on how the kit has performed and why we’ve made some recent additions, please read the six month update.

I’d like to welcome you to the first in a series of audio equipment blogs. This is also a first for me, having never written a blog before. I usually plod away in the background in my own little technical world and leave others to communicate with the wider world, so please forgive me if I’m not conforming to the norms – I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it in time!

Because our expedition will pass through a myriad of environments – from the extreme heat and dust of the Sahara to the hot, humid tropical rainforests of Central Africa (not forgetting Europe in winter) – equipment choice hasn’t been easy. Everything is inevitably a compromise between quality and robustness. Travelling unsupported by bicycle, weight and bulk are also important factors. And, because we will often have no access to mains electricity, sometimes for extended periods, low power consumption is crucial.

Geotag Icon Listen to Africa: a welcome

Blog posted by on Feb 12th, 2009

I’ve been procrastinating for days over writing this introduction; explaining what we’re doing means also having to explain why we’re doing it, which I find strangely tricky.

The ‘what’ is easy: Listen to Africa is a cycling expedition from the UK to southern Africa, leaving on March 5th 2009 and ending up in Namibia around 18 months later.

Geotag Icon Launch of the website

Blog posted by on Feb 6th, 2009

It’s been a caffeine-crazed, pizza-fuelled month, but is finally ready for launch. It’s still very much in beta (we’re ironing out bugs and adding new functionality), so if you have any thoughts or notice any foibles, now would be an excellent time to let us know – please comment away.

I’ll introduce the Listen to Africa expedition soon (for now, have a look around the about section) but, while it’s fresh in my mind and because it’s been quite a journey in its own right, I thought I’d begin with an introduction to the website – not least because the website has been built on a free platform, using a free theme and free plugins, and I’d like to thank the developers and the community for building stuff that even a confirmed non-programmer like me can cajole into behaving like a website. So apologies to the non-techies.