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Geotag Icon Soundscape: A thunderstorm in Bissau

audio, soundscapes posted by on Nov 2nd, 2009

Thunderstorm in Bissau. © Listen to Africa

A thunderstorm in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau’s slightly surreal capital city. The thunderstorm started quite suddenly but went on for two hours – and the rain has only just stopped, seven hours after it started. We left the sound recorder running under an awning in the courtyard of our hotel while we sheltered in our room drinking tea and coffee (it’s a hard life, this sound recording). Best listened to in stereo.

Date and time recorded: 15:17 local time, 2nd November 2009
Location: Bissau, Guinea-Bissau (view on map)
Equipment: Sennheiser MKH30/40 to Fostex FR2LE
Copyright: Listen to Africa
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Geotag Icon Soundscape: Rain in St Louis

audio, soundscapes posted by on Sep 10th, 2009

Boy in the rain, St Louis, SenegalThe rains in Senegal, West Africa, are a cause for celebration. In this downpour in St Louis, you can hear children playing. Around them, people were washing their clothes, scrubbing their goats and generally making the most of the rain.

Date and time recorded: 14:11 local time, 23rd August 2009
Location: St Louis, Senegal (view on map)
Equipment: Audio-Technica AT897 to Fostex FR2LE
Copyright: Listen to Africa
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Geotag Icon Musings from Mauritania (Nouakchott to Rosso)

Blog posted by on Aug 25th, 2009

Leaving Mauritania – with more questions than answers. An update on our last few days in Mauritania as we cycled from its capital to the Senegalese border.

Geotag Icon Soundscape: Sahara wind

audio, soundscapes posted by on Jul 22nd, 2009

If the sounds section of the website has been a bit quiet of late, it’s because pedalling through the Sahara has been anything but. Wind. Almost constant wind. And, even though it’s meant we haven’t been able to record any birds here, we’ve learned to love this sound; it’s usually a tailwind. This is the sound of the wind blowing through a pile of rocks that marked a junction between a sand track and the main road.

Recorded on: 9th July 2009, 20:10 local time.
Location: The Sahara, Western Sahara (view on map)
Copyright: Listen to Africa